At the core of therapy is a confidential and collaborative relationship where the therapist guides the person on a journey of increased understanding. Therapy offers a relationship with the intent of alleviating distress and rekindling hope.

 The experience of exploring your thoughts and feelings with another individual can relieve your sense that you are entirely alone with your problems. Greater self knowledge and understanding can enhance your relationship with yourself and others and improve your sense of choice and self esteem. This in turn can cultivate the feeling that life can be enjoyed rather than endured.

Many situations in life leave individuals feeling powerless and out of control. Christine’s hope is to assist individuals to move from a position of self doubt or insecurity to one where they feel more comfortable, content and in control of their physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

Christine provides assistance in the diagnosis, treatment and management of the following psychological aspects with adults:

     •  Adjustment Difficulties
     •  Anger Management
     •  Anxiety Disorders and Phobias
     •  Bereavement and Loss
     •  Chronic Illness and Recovery
     •  Delusions and/or Hallucinations
     •  Divorce or Separation
     •  Eating Disorders
     •  Mood Disorders such as Depression
         and  Bipolar Mood Disorder
     •  Obesity
     •  Personality Disorders
     •  Relationship Difficulties
     •  Self-Harm Behaviors
     •  Stress Management
     •  Substance Abuse
     •  Trauma
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Practice Number:     0524980
HPCSA Number:       PS 0119733
Practice Number:     0524980